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August 23, 2016

Baby II - Seth

We welcomed our latest addition to the family on 9-May.

The littlest one - Seth.

The first months were tough. Having had Sas more than three years ago, we sorta forgot what things were like in the initial stages. Well, of course, our memories of the fun stuff are refreshed too - baby cooing, giggling at pretty random stuff, gazing at us like we're the most important people in his universe, and loving us with no hesitation. Aww...

Please don't grow up so fast, Sethie. Let Mommy enjoy more of your babyhood, pretty please.

April 06, 2016

Baby II

Yes, we're expecting.
Almost hitting the 34-week mark and welcoming Baby II in a few weeks' time.

Sascha, being my biggest fan, is the most supportive during this pregnancy. She comforts me when I'm unwell, offers me mini-massages and rubs, and she talks, sings, coos to Baby II too! Hope she'll keep up the loving gestures for the sibling in time to come.

Looking forward to our new member and our Melbourne trip that was supposed to take place in February, and had to be postponed.


September 01, 2015

Perth Highlights

Greeting Stevie the Koala at Caversham Wildlife Park

Having a short break at The Berry Farm, Margaret River

Feeding Alpaca at Sunflowers Animal Farm

April 10, 2015

Bye Langkawi, hello Port Dickson... and Perth

 Ms. Chubbs chilling... well, more like binge-eating... at the Krisflyer lounge with Papa and Popo

Arrived at the resort, and relaxing with the resident calico kitty

 Cable car ride

Sun(set), sand, sea and dinner at La Sal, Casa Del Mar

Our family trip is complete.
Next stop... Grand Lexis, Port Dickson.
Our own private pool in the suite! Someone's gonna be real happy.

And since I'm not working any more, I've made grand plans for Poppy's birthday this year. We're headed to Perth. It's all about relax, relax, relax for the precious two. Can't wait.

February 23, 2015

Holiday in view!

There is a serious lack of updates on this blog.

Just recovered from a terrible bout of cold > fever > stomach flu. The greatest comforts I had were my hubby and little girl, both whom took turns to care for me. She was very understanding when I told her that I'm not feeling well, and asked if we can postpone her swimming trip to another day. The best part, she came to check on me every now and then, asking "Mommy, feeling better now?", "Mommy, you want food?", "Tummy still pain? I put oil-oil for you?" and offered to rub my tummy. *cues unanimous aww...

Oh my, how much she has grown. I hope she'll stay forever so sensible and dear.

That said, another holiday is in order. So Bro and I have organised an official family trip, this time, including his GF, and our parents. Awesome-ness.

Just browsing at the pictures of the villa already eases my post-holiday blues!

Each villa has its own resident cat, and like me, I'm sure Baby Ma would love it to bits. Can't wait for the trip. My much needed break.

Till then.

January 03, 2015

2014.08.15 - 2014.08.25 Taiwan 走透透

I just realized that I never posted the pictures taken during our August Taiwan trip.

So, here are some of the highlights. Initially intending to spend a couple of days at Kaohsiung, but we re-routed due to the gas explosion and only went to Taichung, Hsinchu, Keelung / Jiufen and Taipei.

Amongst the many places we went, Baby Ma loved the farm-stay at Flying Cow the most. She enjoyed so much that we may consider going to Perth in the near future. 

For now, I'll just let the pictures speak.

November 30, 2014

Bébé is two!

Bébé is officially two!

Before she started school, I swore I would never succumb to her requests for celebration and/or goodie bags.

But, I did. 
I did it without her even asking.

I just love the look of delight spread across her chubby little face.

Celebration with her schoolmates and favorite (now second-favorite) Dora theme

Celebrations at my mom's and in-laws'

How could we miss cooking her rice vermicelli noodles with egg. Look at her enjoying her bowl of yums. Watching her eat is such a joy (cleaning up afterwards is another story altogether).

October 22, 2014

Late, late, late.

Finally. I finally have time to sit down and sort out the pictures from our photoshoot in May. O.M.G. It's been almost five months.

Five months since the photoshoot. 
Five months since she started full-day childcare. 
Five months without my stay-in Mommy helping me.

Phew! How did I even survive and get this far?

Well, I'll end off with  some of the (extremely late) pictures from the shoot below. Some of the behind-the-scene shots are so hilarious that I decided to print them out in collages. Look at Ms. Fidgety in action!

The bottom-left is darn funny. I've got a little hooligan!

June 17, 2014

Photo Session I

Two of my favorite pictures.
The many expressions of Sascha

Swinging good times with Poppy

May 28, 2014

Achievement unlocked: 18months

Sascha turned 18 months on Monday.
Can't believe how quickly she's growing!

Brought her for a photoshoot with Claire from Tree of Life Photography. We were so occupied with attracting and distracting her that we've totally forgotten about snapping pictures with our own cameras. This was the only one I managed to capture on my mobile phone.

Can't wait for the pix to be ready in a month's time!