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December 09, 2006

while u guys are partying or rotting away in ur nests, yes, i am slogging it out at work. or at least i'm racking my brains trying to occupy myself in the dead-quiet office. trying to upload my pix but realized the computer can't read the thumbdrive, which means i can't retrieve my MP3s as well. fortunately, i've got my book n VCDs with me.. oh, plus the MP3 player TC loan to me.. thanks, bro!

oh n i just gotta mention it was Mund's bday yesterday..
many good wishes for u, bloke! i had to give the celebration a miss bcoz my Nanny banned me from the event n kicking me off the cab on the way there.. so mean, hor.. still dare to call me in the morning ah!


filling up my schedule for next week. i think i'm simply too free now. but anyways, here goes my plans for the week.

accompany granny for therapy
.. maybe a movie after that?

ikea, finally
.. hopefully


.. work

.. yes, work again

.. aargh, still working!!


oh well, i just realized that life after starting to work is almost only about work.
what in the world am i talking about?
never mind.

ho hum.

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