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February 05, 2007


stealing a moment off during my night shift to post a little update.

seems like the fad of blogging is somehow dying off, slowly but surely. been popping by a handful of blogs only to realize most of them "deserted". that trims down surf-able sites during night shifts. herhrr.

the lunar new year is approaching. nothing much done except for some goodies-making last week at home. the first time we actually made something for chinese new year. thanks to a sweet one who suggested n took the initiative to prepare all the stuff necessary. yet another custom that appears to be slowly forsaken by the young n modern. anyway, mommy seems to be pretty hyped up n even told me she'll be making more stuff when it draws nearer to the festive. guess cold nights in the office wouldn't be so cold afterall, considering all the heart-warming goodies prepared for me this year.

a passing thought of getting a cheongsam for this lunar new year brought about fresh new pains of unspeakable memories that happened not more than a year ago.

special thanks to the warm, familiar voice that helped me pull through on the many unbearable nights.

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