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September 06, 2008

Week 1 of September

i've been in a slothy mood since morning.
i suppose my energy's almost drained out by the entire week's activities...

last weekend, NeuNeu and i had a dim sum gathering in town with TMIS folks:- Corrine, Jason, Angie, Zen, Vincent. left after we hung around a little while more at NYDC, had more drinks, fooood and chatter.

had my usual dose of three tuition sessions throughout this week.
we also caught up with Angie, Zen, Vincent and Qingli over supper on Tuesday night.

the most lifting event of the week was yesterday, when we received our Charlotte Russe spree loot!

and today the girls got their stuff from the F21 spree.
don't know why i didn't take part though...
probably it was started before i joined, or when i was not so familiar with them yet and we haven't discovered our.. ahem.. "common interest".

anyways, Lynn bought a super super super nice dress, which i LOVE, and was mopping on how i'm SOOOoo going to buy it the next time we spree F21.
then the very nice shopaholics (who were probably extremely annoyed by my yakking by then) opened another F21 spree.
so touched!

and before i continue to raid the F21 webbie, here are the pix of my purchase from Charlotte Russe...

Button Linen Top

Pleated Floral Tube Dress

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