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February 10, 2009


lunar new year gathering sessions continue.

this time at my aunt's house. 
had yummy Tom Yam steamboat and grilled curry flavored fish. 

NeuNeu came by much later in the evening after the session at his house with his relatives ended.


another gathering at Godmom's place but not before we pop by my aunt's shop for the opening.

witnessed the 3rd Lion Dance within a mere few days of new year. though this one's much more spectacular than the previous.

back at Godmom's house, it was more eating, gambling and yada yada yada.

then back to my house again for more mahjong.

also, on this same day, we received news that Yongmei has given birth to a healthy baby girl, Clarice.


i was scheduled to work today but woke up at 8am when i was supposed to turn up for work at 7am. 
holy cow. 
luckily i managed to contact another colleague for a last-minute swap.

so we drove back to his place and met up Alex and Penelope for a quick (and late) breakfast session. and later in the afternoon, we drove NeuNeu's mom to the temple, by the time all the rites and rituals ended it was already 3pm.

after sending his mom and Glenneth home, we went straight to KK Hospital to visit Baby Mathias and Clarice. thereafter, we sent Yongmei and Loh Wei back to Clementi after they were told to be discharged.

i can hardly remember what happened the rest of the day.
prolly just MORE GAMBLING like any other day of the new year.

then it was back to work from Tuesday to Saturday.


'twas househunting day and NeuNeu's cousin & his financee's chalet at Chevron.

like i haven't stretched myself out enough for the past 2 weeks, i still had to dig myself out from bed in the morning. 
upon arrival, we combed around the area, then had breakfast in haste at a neighborhood coffeeshop, continued the search then rushed over to pick his gramps up from Jurong.

had a 3-hour KTV session with his family, brief buffet lunch, then i was off to take the public transport home myself to join my family for the 3rd Lo-Hei of the new year.
dozed off amidst the crowd on the train while standing
yes, i too am amazed by my undiscovered innate ability.


bad bad day.

started off with missing out Sel's poodle in the VS order
which i only realized today and luckily managed to re-order with the poodle. phew.

prolly due to lack of sufficient rest, the headache started acting in. 
not only did the afternoon nap not reduce the pain, it actually made it all worse.

i'm so stressed out!!!
*yells at the top of my voice*

headed straight for bed and smothered my ass in the depths of my blanket.


feeling much better after N hours of sleep. i lost count but it must've been quite long.
decided to take things easy and slack around at home.

watched Behind Enemy Line with NeuNeu, then continued to nap all the way till dinner time.

declined my bro's offer for mahjong for it will foil my plans for a stress-free day.

... and now, i'm a happy cat again!