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March 21, 2009

Time Flies (What else can I say?)

i didn't even realize it's been two weeks since i last blogged!
am i enjoying the LOLCats pictures so much or am i plain lazy?

we spent a couple of nights at the new Ibis hotel at Bencoolen (Bugis) last week.
got the rooms under the Pay What You Want deal as part of their opening promotion.

though the rooms weren't spanking big, they were nice and clean.
there wasn't really any view to speak of (on both occasions our rooms were facing NAFA) but it's really just a stone's throw from hotspots like Bugis Junction, Bugis Village, Suntec City etc etc and if u're really lazy to get out of the room, there's plenty of channels to watch on TV. 
oh yes, rooms come with free Wi-Fi too.

so we had a few days off from house hunting, caught a movie, had nice meals, walked around a lot... and yes, we even had our Aura Photos taken!
i'll blog about it separately coz i didn't bring out the readings with me

after the short break, it was all back to humdrum reality.
we were on to house hunting (what else) and furniture browsing again.

a pieces of good news to share - 
we finally received the approval letter from HDB for the HLE on Friday. yippie.
well, that was supposed to be good news until we found out in the evening that our choice unit has been snapped up (on the same day). 
kua kua.

and so, we continued to view other units in the vicinity last night. 
end of the day, we're contemplating on another unit on the same block as the choice unit but situated on a lower level.

to make things worse, our Macau/Guangzhou/Shenzhen trip is just about 2 weeks away. and we actually haven't gotten down to work on the itinerary. 
yea, the flights and accomodations have been reserved but other than that, nothing else planned. zero. nil. zilch.

it's supposed to be a getaway but it's actually getting in our way by taking up our time.
ho hum.

so, once the we've settled the house, we have to head straight into checking for restaurants/hotels for their packages, counting over the list of guests, making reservations. 
then there's the search for bridal shops for pre-wedding album, actual day photo/videography etc etc.. aargh, so much to do!

though i'm hoping all the tiring house trips will end soon, i've a contradicting voice inside me saying i should enjoy this whole process before it all zips into post-marriage monotony.

it's so CATradicting, isn't it?


ninoona said...

*sayang meow* play some bejeweled! Try to beat my score! *wink*

Cª+he®iNe said...

evil woman!
*spanks ninoona's buttie*