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November 26, 2009

Random Thursday

it's been too long since i blogged proper.
distracted by sprees and blogshop launches too many a times.

Poppy was hooked to this Mediacorp variety show 《煮炒來了》 and for a few weeks we went food-hunting whenever he spotted his favorites on the show. 鹹蛋螃蟹,螃蟹米粉.

that was well before he got his cholesterol results (which were slightly over the border).
since then he has started his daily swimming routine. and i mean it - DAILY.

meanwhile, dates with the gurls are pretty exciting as well, with our first time at the 2am:dessertbar together with rare appearance by Mary. set on the pricey side, 2 desserts (Chili Chocolate & Purple) plus 3 sides (Mary's favorites Wedges + Calamari + Chicken Chunks) set us back by more than 70 bucks. thank god, UOB Lady's cardholders are entitled to a 10% discount.

we spotted a postcard chucked under ST's wiper, and that may well be our next "to-visit" venue.
the location shall be a hush-hush till confirmed. *secretive*

Mr Poppy's annual leave has ended.
an entire span of 7 days, yet we didn't manage to have a proper day to ourselves.
he had to go service his car - TWICE, went back to office - TWICE (or was it thrice?), run some errands because of his dad, send his mom off at the airport for her Beijing trip... not forgetting various meet who-and-who trips. *rolls eyes*

when he's off to KL in December, imma be a queen at home.
mess up the whole house and make him pack. mwahahahaa.

hokays, i'm mad hungry now.
downed an entire pack of popcorn plus cup noodles, on top of dinner but still hungry.

i'm going to buy Mac on my way home!

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