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June 07, 2010

Counting Down: 3 Weekends

back at work for a week, and finally got my first rest days again over the weekend.
busy busy.

5th June, 2010
spent most of Saturday morning/afternoon catching up on sleep.
we first stopped by IMM to grab the bow-ties for the groomsmen, followed by a filling meal at BK + ShiLin sweet potato snacks. *burrrrp* loitered around a bit more, and Poppy ended up buying a couple of items from Espirit - 2 shirts + 1 pair of pants. nice! after which, failing to find any suspenders, we drove over to Bugis village.

quite a few shops selling suspenders, but Poppy, being the bargain hunter, decided to browse a couple more and finally settled for the ones sold at the 2nd level by a Hong Kong lady. to our surprise, she told us our wedding coincides with her birthday. haha, so random. hung around a bit, then we decided to pop by Haji Lane to while away some time. didn't buy anything, but had a relaxing long walk and some quality time to hold a nice conversation. it's been awhile since we conversed on anything else other than the wedding. i loike. =)

skipped dinner altogether and headed home.
watched TV for a bit and succumbed to the Zzz-monster by 9.30pm.

6th June, 2010
got up earlier today, made a quick breakfast of Ritz bits + cheese + salmon.
i also made a lot of noise to wake Poppy up. =P

relaxed in front of the TV over breakfast, played with Custard, then prepared to meet Mommy and bro. picked them up at Woodlands Central and off we went to JB! had another round of brunch at the local Bah Kut Teh stall (blardy hot!) then drove to the bridal shop.

picked the suits for Poppy, his dad and gramps, and my dad. i also, finally, changed my evening gown from red to champagne. selected our hand bouquet, boutonnière, bridesmaids' corsages and car deco as well. and alas, viewed the pictures taken by them last month. all in all, everything should be ready in another 2 weeks' time and i'll go back for the last trial. Poppy will still have to be there the day before the wedding to pick the flowers and car deco though.

anyhoos, after the selection, we had plenty of time to eat/shop. we were bored of Jusco/Tesco, so we chose to go to City Square instead. it has been a long time since we last went there, indeed! traffic was still bad around that area though.

i'm the biggest 赢家 coz i lugged home 2 pairs of shoes (1 for work, another for wedding. yays!), a bigaroooo pajamas, and a very full tummy. *pats* dinner was at SDS, i cleared my plate of Grilled Chicken Chop with Rice in mushroom sauce, plus Hot Hazelnut Latte, plus a bag of Tempura from ShiLin. i proudly declare that Operation: FMU is still in place (it's Fatten Me Up, in case u're wondering).

sent Mommy and bro home after some grocery shopping, and back to our own nest to work on the schedule for the actual wedding day before the well-deserved sleep.

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