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September 29, 2010

Off again!

taken at the bay
(notice, me and Poppy were wearing matchy-matchy Puma sneakers. wahaaa.)

back for a week from the Pearl of the Orient. had mad fun 买东西 -ing & 吃东西 -ing.
visited Disneyland, as well as, Ocean Park, Madame Tussaud's and The Peak. spent the last 2 days doing our shopping, eating and catching up some colleagues over hotpot.

lamented the trip for being so short, else we could've popped by Shenzhen or Guangzhou as well.

anyhoos, we're off again this weekend, for a short trip to KL & Genting.
Poppy needs to satisfy his gaming desires, since we didn't get much time while we were at Vegas. so off we go, also to meet Wynn and CH while we're there. miss the dim sum at Jalan Ipoh & the Uhuhu's!

... aight, till then

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