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February 21, 2011

Week 4 - 5

26.01.2011 Wednesday
Relatively boring day.
Had dinner at Dian Xiao Er, followed by some light shopping at West Coast Plaza.

27.01.2011 Thursday
Met Poppy at Vivocity after he knocked off.
Caught Shaolin at GV with Loh and YM after Bah Kut Teh at Food Republic.

28.01.2011 Friday - Sunday
Work work.
Took 2 hours during lunch on Saturday to bring Custard to the clinic for her fluids.

31.01.2011 Monday
Off day.
Went over to Foong parents' place, with a whole bunch of their other colleagues, to help them to paint the house. Started at 1pm after lunch, and finished at 6pm! Din-din on Foong at Cheng San market, popped by Seaview for a bit and headed home.

Ultra tired.

01.02.2011 Tuesday
After work, we picked up MIL and headed to Chong Pang for New Year shopping with Godma.
Got ourselves the usual dose from Ochado, shopped around the market before driving up to Khatib for MORE shopping.
Got home at nearly 3am. Another tiring day.

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