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July 11, 2012

We Need A Holiday!

Work has been crazy for Poppy. And although I'm given a lighter load after my return to office, re-adapting to working hours and commuting on public transport hasn't been easy on my gradually laterally expanding body.

Since I've still got 4 extra days of leave to clear before I go on maternity leave in November/December, plus another S$400 worth of flexi benefits to utilize by year-end, we decided to go on a short getaway. Poppy was contemplating making a trip to Taiwan or Bangkok. I preferred not to take any flights and was inclined to have a eat-sleep-do-nothing staycation in one of the resorts in Sentosa or Hotel Fort Canning.

Poppy had many court sessions to prepare and attend, and we ended up delaying the decision, only to find out most resorts in Sentosa have sold out. A last minute agreement had us end up with Grand Lexis Resort in Port Dickson. Rooms come with a private pool in the room, so I can do my reading and tanning by the pool the whole day, yay!

This may well be our final trip before BB's invasion arrival, so it's a good time to let our hair down before we pull all of it off in a few months' time. Haa.

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