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August 03, 2012

The Only Constant Is Change

There's tonnes of changes going on everyday.
While I am regaining back most of my appetite and energy, my tummy is getting bigger and tiring me out easily (but, of course!). By the end of a work day, I'd be dead beat and would hog Poppy's "Seat of the House" - the chaise lounge. Compared to a couple of weeks ago, I'm sleeping more soundly at night now although BB is conscientiously bobbing away in the tummy. I'd be too fatigued to wake up at night to go to the toilet, and even if I'm parched, I'd rather not wake up either.

Well, bodily changes are not the only challenges. The mister's fickle-mindedness is also making me peeved at times.

We've made the arrangements for the Port Dickson trip later this month. However, on one of our dinners with Jessica and Adrian, they tried to persuade us into going Europe with them and assured him that it is perfectly safe for preggers to travel. Poppy was apparently convinced that we should have what Jess calls a "Babymoon", but I'm not into the idea of scurrying through half of Europe in just 10days with my big tummy. So it's decided that we will cancel our Port Dickson trip and head to the States again. With less than 3 weeks to the commencement of our leave, we have yet to make any travel arrangements or booking at all! Thank goodness a couple of travel agencies will be holding a pre-NATAS travel show at Suntec this weekend. Without even an idea of where exactly we want to go - East or West America, hopefully, we can get a F&E package of our choice in time. It's all such a rush and I've yet to make a list of things to do/see/buy!

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