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October 03, 2006

rushing my new blog

i got a triple chocolate cornetto plus a hug today!


am sourcing for skins n music for my new blog
can't seem to find anything that i really like

i have a song n a picture in my mind
but i just can't put it into words

starry, fairytale-like, mandarin / cantonese
wanted to put in Mozart's Sonata but figured it's too *duh*

so i've got one by jacky cheung n evonne hsu currently
but i don't like the male version lingering on my blog
sounds way too solemn for what i have in mind..

fireworks, butterflies, flowers in full bloom
green, red, white.. and maybe yellow..

got the picture?

i'm just too picky, ain't i?!

two more days n i've to start work

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