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April 26, 2008

Frisky Friday

the day started early.

scrambled to get ready when the final alarm rang at 7.40am.

the stuffy nose and phlegm in my throat had me tossing and turning in bed without falling asleep till the wee hours.

nevertheless, took my shower and got to the bus stop to take my ride to interchange.
bumped into Wayne, had a small chat along the way then headed separate ways.

hung around Jurong East while NeuNeu did a couple of transactions at the banks, then headed for the causeway.
traffic was pretty slow though it wasn't any sort of a massive jam.
took breakfast, got his brake light fixed, walked around a little and returned.

had some time available after he reached home and washed up, so we caught some bits of Saving Private Ryan before leaving for the Home Team Academy (HTA) at Lim Chu Kang.
had an appointment to sign some documents relating to the sponsorship of his course, of which was all completed within the hour.

loitered around the premises for a bit, bought some desserts/food from the canteen and brought them over to Wei's shop. finished the desserts, chit chat a little then headed back to Tampines to pick and deliver some stuff to my aunt's place.

stopped to have a drink at Pasir Panjang while waiting for Liz to knock off.
and NeuNeu insists that i tell her we went to Labrador Park to pak-tor.

anyway, picked Liz up from work then drove to Taman Jurong to meet Charles for KTV.
3 hours zipped past then Wei joined us after work, wound up the session after another 2 hours, then hit the 24-hour food court for our late-late dinners!

led Liz & Wei up to Jurong Hill after Charles alighted just 'round the corner.
enjoyed the breezy night under the stars, without forgetting to laugh at the possibility of collecting "tissues" along the way up the tower.

bade farewell no earlier than 1am, and arrived in the comfort of the bed around 1.30am.

the stuffy nose and phlegm-congested throat obstructed my sleep again and i dawdled when waking up because i realized i haven't slept a wink!

cliche as it may sound, but yes..
it was a tiring but fulfilling and fun day.

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