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May 27, 2008


to make my dear readers' life (as well as mine) easier,
i've summarized the past few days' events.
i can see u nodding ur heads dubiously whilst mumbling 'Ya right's under ur breaths

my memory's slipping past me of late,
and this post has been sitting in the drafts folder for a couple of days already.
perhaps because i've got a ton of other (important and non-important) things on my mind.

anyway, here goes...

Went to East Point after our night shifts
Had K-Lunch at Hougang Mall followed by a game of billard
- skipped furniture store and Hello Kitty shop downstairs coz we were both bushed after staying awake for almost 24 hours
Had our dinners together at home before he left
Met my brother to attend our neighbour's funeral wake at the void deck
Bro went out, I hogged computer for viwawa

Woke up around noon
Went to the Food Expo with Mommy
Returned home and we decided to attempt making Yam Paste 芋泥 (Orh Nee)
- Not too bad except that it was a little sweet
Neu came by after class to try

Met Neu, his mom, Ah Po and Gong Gong at Waterloo Street
Had lunch at the hawker's after prayers
Shopped around for some dried produce, clothes
- i bought walnuts and 8-treasure porridge (i'll try cooking them this weekend)
Sent his grandparents home after a little more walking

Had our dinners at Bukit Batok
Went on to send his mom home
Finally sending me to work before he goes to work himself

JB after our night shifts!
Totally soaked while i was waiting at the bus stop for him to knock off
- feeling a little sick now already
Had our brunches and got some groceries
Heavy traffic to and fro,
arriving home around 1.30pm
Knock out till dinner time at 4.30pm

Back at work now~

NeuNeu has been extremely nice recently, driving me to and from work on most days, and spending more time together...
*slumps into a state of bliss*

anyway i'm a little into cooking recently.
so many things i want to make!!
pity, we don't have an oven at home otherwise Mommy and I can bake.

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