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August 16, 2008


yet another week has passed.

started the National Day by having a good long rest before taking my own sweet time to read the papers over breakfast, then driving out for a long-desired KTV session with NeuNeu.
speaking of which, it's been almost or more than a month since we last visited the KTV.

the rest of the weekend was spent on web-surfing and scanning my film.

Monday to Thursday were torturous with the bare-minimum amount of time left for sleeping.
Monday and Thursday were reserved for Vannessa and Valerie, then i met YC for dinner on Tuesday, Vicki on Wednesday.

Vicki and i were at the Tangs Bazaar held at Suntec City convention.
we went crazy and burnt big holes in our pockets with perfumes, skincare etc etc.
i knocked off earlier that day, so i headed to Funan with my colleague, YS, first before making my way to Suntec on foot (and in heels).
my legs ached like mad after the day's expedition in town.

anyways, i participated in the first spree with the girls in the office.
i've heard so much about their spree-tecular ventures monthly.
i think trying not to bust my monthly budgets would be a problem from now!

finally had some time to rest on Friday, before going for my half day of work today.
and after his night shift, NeuNeu was really nice and came by to fetch me home.
had our lunches then slept the rest of the afternoon away.

the poor thing left for work after dinner, so here i am trying to update before i start scanning my film and go by Vannessa & Valerie's tomorrow.

the first two weeks at work hadn't been easy and was definitely nothing close to "Honeymoon".
i sure hope i can pull through it after a while.

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