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August 08, 2008

Slipshod Update

i made a draft of what to write but guess what...
i left it in the office.

pats myself on the back and mumbles "well done".

all in all, it's a mixed week of good-bad-relaxed-stressed-busy-slack moments.

adapting to the new environment, new job, new working hours, new people.

a stark contrast to the jobs but of coz each is good in its own way.

okays, brain not working.

don't know what to type now.

can't remember much details for the past week either.

hopefully i'll figure it out, then i'll update sometime over the weekend.

BUT first, i must finish scanning my film, pick my favorite-test and get Hoochie to pass it to Desmond for his B&W film workshop.
AND then, i must catch up on the episodes of Honey & Clover 蜂蜜幸运草.

AND then, i must buck up on my exercise routine (i missed 2 weeks because of the traveling).

AND then, and then, and then... i think i go sleep first.

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