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October 26, 2008

Getting Pink!

finally uploaded all the pictures from my cammie.

we finished mahjong at Vincent's place only at around 4am this morning,
then NeuNeu drove by JB to topup his tank,
i have already fallen asleep in the car and by the time we reached home it was already 6am.

after attending my company's re-branding and anniversary function at Fullerton hotel on Friday evening after work, i had a drink with my team-mates at Boat Quay. NeuNeu came by to pick us up after his dinner with Alex and Penelope at Whampoa, and dropped my colleagues at their respective destinations.

he locked me out from my room when we got home.
and later on when he asked me to go in, i saw...

a new Nokia 7310 Supernova phone in PINK!
he says the color is not released locally yet, so i got the picture off a foreign website instead.

to think i was still seeking the girls' opinions on which pink phones should i buy.

then before meeting up with Vincent yesterday, NeuNeu drove me to Orchard for the Sanrio Fair in Takashimaya.
and he bought me...

My Melody & Kuromi Thermal Food Keeper, My Melody Placemat and Eye Mask!

last weekend, he also bought me a My Melody inflatable neck rest.
my collection is growing slowly but steadily.

now i'm thinking of shamelessly asking Louis to buy me this when he comes to Singapore next month.
i only see the Kitty version locally. boo.

anyways, the links to all other pictures as follows:

2008.10.14 Random JB Trip
2008.10.20 Rail Mall
2008.10.24 Equinix Re-brand and Tenth Anniversary @ Fullerton Hotel
2008.10.25 Neo Tiew - Kranji

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