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December 20, 2008

Another week...

15 Dec
ran around in circles after losing my keys. 
stayed over at Vincent's place the previous night, had a short game of mahjong with the family before turning in.
left in the morning together with Qingli to NeuNeu's house when he knocked off.

managed to locate my keys later in the day with Jocelyn's help, thus headed back to collect it and headed home.
after some housework, we just slept the day away.

16 Dec
after a frantic week of spreeing, ordering, invoicing, finally managed to find time to rest.

had BKT lunch with my Tuesday hot dates before heading over to town for some shopping.
i actually bumped into YS and her niece. and we thought "someone" was supposed to be home doing housework that's why didn't join us for lunch. hmpfh.

anyway ended up watching the 3D version of the movie Bolt at Lido with NeuNeu.
then headed home for some rest.

17 Dec
had a network training session at the Suntec office with a few others.
nothing fantastic except for the long lunch we had at Marina Square.

met up with Vincent, Qingli for a bit of shopping around town, followed by dinner at Chinatown after Adrian finished up on his work.

headed home to finish on some work-related stuff then off to ZeeLand.

18 Dec
apart for waking up for food, i slept throughout the entire day.
reported back at work for night shift and saw the new 26 inch LCD monitors.

anyways, a Guangzhou trip is on the books.
it's set for April next year and tentatively, it's Vincent, Qingli, Adrian and us.
details are to be confirmed by next week.

one more day to my off day,
and two more days to our secret gathering!

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