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June 01, 2009

Weakend Weekend

i've been sick since last week, starting off with sore throat.
thinking it's just another case of sinus-related throat problem, i still went off to work on Wednesday.

i could feel my energy draining off thus turned in at 9 o'clock without dinner.
the throat felt worse that very night (perhaps after too much of phone calls during the day), 
and i woke up fever around 1am.

called in sick the next few days. continuously spotted blots of blood in my sputum 
and it's been 6 days since the series of sorethroat-fever-cough, but my voice has yet to recover. 
ho hum.
mr ma accompanied me to another doctor yesterday night, but there was no antibiotics prescribed. hmm..

in any case, on a different note, first blood was drawn for the GSS.
we were out on a "bed & bedlinen" hunt in Courts Tampines and Centrepoint Robinsons. 
after testing out no less than a dozen of mattresses, we finally settled for a Serta "Perfect Day" mattress.

upon placing the deposit of $1400 for our Queen bed (mattress + frame), the SA advised that we qualify for Centrepoint's GSS giveaway promotion.
we lined up for the redemption and waited for at least half an hour till our turn.
yes, the queue was THAT long!

luckily i didn't buy any cookware at Courts in the morning because...
we managed to got ourselves a $10 Centrepoint voucher and one of the last two sets of WMF 3-piece cookware. hee haw!

happy that we have one load taken off our minds, we had an impromptu day trip to Kota Tinggi. 
will blog about it shortly after my afternoon "recuperation nap".
till then!

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