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August 21, 2009

Wedding Bands

I vaguely remember having post this before, but can't find the entry.

So here they are - our wedding bands.
Collected them about 2 weeks ago from the boutique, after having wait for 3-odd months for it to be custom-made.


Ok, my camera has run out of battery and it's charging right now.
So here's the image taken off Cartier's website.

And, the
link to see it (Platinum version).

We saw and tried their Love and Trinity series, as well as Bvlgari's
(refer to pictures below)

Cartier's Trinity Ring

Cartier's Love Ring

Bvlgari's Pave Diamond Ring

But with my boney fingers, I chose Cartier's Wedding Band
(yes, that's its name, THE Wedding Band).

It's not as bulky aka “粗鲁” as the two mentioned (Sel will know what I mean), and it's simple enough for daily wear. Just the one we need.

The boutique currently has the Yellow Gold and Platinum versions, but ours is made in 18k Rose Gold, the supposedly only pair in Singapore (as of now) which explains the 3-month wait.

Sorry, Sophia.
I promise I'll take some pictures... soon!


Miss L. said...

Nice! I also want! :D

Cª+he®iNe said...

i print the picture and cut-out for u later!