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May 23, 2011

Week of Housewarming

Indeed, it's been a week of housewarming.
We attended three in a weekend - one in Sengkang, another in Punggol, the last in Ang Mo Kio. Alex and Penelope's in Bukit Panjang is coming up. And the next week or so is wedding week - Adrian & Jessica (at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa) followed by Angie & Zen (Republic of Singapore Yacht Club). It's a sunny-beachy-yachty wedding season!

Anyway, finally caught up with Nurmimi on Saturday. Grabbed a bite at Jalan Kayu after Derrick's housewarming, followed by Pirates of the Carribean 4 at Iluma. Missed their recent JB trip, so we've arranged another on Wednesday. Yay. Need to stock up some groceries and magazines before I'm on my banned-from-leaving-the-country-unless-urgent-and-approved standby duty.

By next month, I would've fulfilled the required twice-in-a-year standby, but alas, they decided to make changes starting from July. As if not being allowed to swap shift isn't bad enough, we have a non-travel standby duty, AND now, the few of us who have met the quota for the year, have to re-start together with the rest of the team. Ultra demoralized. I should really start packing.

For now, I'm only looking forward to, are my Forever 21, Old Navy and Korea Gmarket parcels.

Damn I feeling uncomfortable after gorging myself with snack noodles nuggets and one of the mid-size homemade glutinous rice with chicken. I need some chocolates to help digest the food.

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