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January 15, 2007

not everyday is a Sunday

my move to week-start shift commences today

i freaking have to work on Sundays starting from this week n i have to comment that Sundays aren't my best days.
yesterday was the perfect example of a sucky Sunday

i accidentally hit my little toe yesterday n a huge blood clot formed immediately.
can't believe it, i thought all worst stuff have ended in 2006 together with the bad fall i had just 2 weeks ago.. now i smashed my toe.. did i also mention i lost another hundred-odd buckaroos on the mahjong table?! oh wait, i suffered minor food poisoning just before the day ended as well.

oh well, can't deny there were plenty of good stuff as well. family gathering over the mahjong table, juicy n sweet watermelon for dessert, ktv with Jay n Alecia, family pizza feast, lesson on pscyhological warfare on the gambling table plus a free manicure

at the end of it all when i recall the famous quote.. "Not everyday is a Sunday"..
i must say i still feel pretty relieved

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