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July 20, 2008

Back from Yogyakarta

touched down at 7:05PM

we were supposed to arrive at 6:30PM but there was a slight delay due to airport closure for the NDP rehearsal.
NeuNeu was already waiting for me at the T2 arrival hall.

gave him a big-big hug after almost a week's absence.

dropped my bags at home and washed up.
caught up with Angie, Zen, Vincent and Qingli.

dinner at Sushi Tei, Vivo.
finally got a taste my favorite comfort food - sashimi.

headed back to NeuNeu's place.
since it'll be nearer and easier for me to go to work the next morning.

finally had a good night's sleep.

5 days of non-stop walking, trekking, "suntanning", going shutter-happy,
and not forgetting,
numerous sleepless days/nights...
my body gave in.

i woke up with fever in the morning and had to call in sick instead.

going back to rest for now.
assortment of pix from the dCam will be up shortly.
most likely i'll develop my rolls of film and have them scanned and uploaded only after my Bangkok trip this Thursday.

till then.
g'nite folks.

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