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July 30, 2008

Final moments

ahhh, my final moments in Eqix.
time to bid farewell,
and i've just sent out my "adieu" mail to everyone.
plus i received kind gifts from Boss, Yuka, Neeraja, the NOC & SG1 teams just after lunch

since my boss announced my departure, i have been receiving well-wishes (face-to-face, call, e-mail, MSN... any mode imaginable) from colleagues from various departments, with the bulk coming from SG1 team and Ops teams in the different countries.

i've been here for almost 2 years now and time whizzed past mercilessly.
especially merciless when it comes to leaving its traces (and train tracks) on my face. dang.

the farewell dinner's held this evening after work at Holland V.
coincidentally (and ironically), it's held at the same place where Asha's farewell took place, organized by... urs truly.

oh well, time to get back to work for now.
gonna be tied up with exit clearance and medical checks these few days.
plus over the weekend, we'll be meeting up with Peter and family who will be visiting from Taiwan.

till then.

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