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October 08, 2009


most parts of the "New Phase of Life" has been settled including:

moving in/settling like down in the new house;
taking our pre-wedding photos;
making the first preparations for the wedding next year such as:
- getting auspicious date/time(s)
- coming up with a draft guest list,
- making reservations for venue,
- we're almost settled on the actual day gown/suit + car rental

now comes my favorite part and the biggest headache,

The Moneymoon Honeymoon

as some of u already know, we've set our sights on a 2 - 3week India-Nepal-Tibet tour, and i've started doing some research on it. however, so far it seems local agencies don't provide anything that covers all three areas in one.
and if i were to do a F&E... man, i don't really want to think about it. so much work to do.

lest Plan A doesn't work out, i asked Poppy if there's anywhere else he has in mind, say Russia, Egypt or Africa.
he's obviously not keen in those. anyhoos, so he suggested:

me: "Next please"

me: "Blah."

me: "Erm.."

just when i thought this is not gonna work out
am i too demanding?

he said...

me: "!!"

why didn't i think of that? Hawaii, i like!
and so, we have a Plan B. mwahahahaha.

a quick check and i already found quite a few West Coast + Hawaii packages.
most of them are about 10 - 12 days. methinks it's a tad too short for a honeymoon until i chanced upon this paragraph in one of the agencies' itinerary:
"Enjoy incredible saving with designer and brand name manufacturers such as COACH, GUESS, POLO RALPH LAUREN, REEBOK, selling direct to you."

given that i can shop my guts out in Los Angeles... anything goes!

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