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October 16, 2009

Team Building @ Sentosa

had our team building event in Sentosa yesterday with our colleagues from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Singapore.

madness but totally awesome.

as if my 2-hour Yoga workout the day before wasn't enough to break my limbs, the 3 rounds of Laser Shootout (approx 3 hours in total) - strategizing; running; hiding; mad shooting, sure as hell did.
apart from Raf's minor accident where he fractured his arm, everyone else completed the game safely... but were all VERY tired.

Robert, Joyce and me shared a cab home to wash up, whilst some of the guys headed back to the hotels and the others hung around Sentosa/Vivocity for a bit.

met up again in the evening at Bosses Restaurant in Vivocity for our dinner.
it spotted this extremely dark, classy and cool interior, thus giving it the name 黑社會 (literally Black Society aka Secret Society/Mafia in Mandarin)

we all agree that the food was pretty good. the bill came up to $1200-odd for our tables of 22.
considering the amount of beer the guys downed, i should think it's pretty reasonably priced.
some of their items didn't really impress me, there was this red-ish looking fatty pork that tasted a little odd =S

anyhoos, i love their Szechuan Grilled Crispy Duck, Mango Pomelo Sago and their Signature Custard Bun (with yummy salted egg custard fillings).

'nuff said for now.
here's some photos from the Laser Shootout

i shall go rest my fingers and arms, and update again when i get more photos from the guys.

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