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March 11, 2011


Got a call from KTO on Monday telling me that I've won a return ticket to Incheon, Seoul (via Asiana Airlines) the NATAS lucky draw (where I spent a bomb a couple of weekends ago). I was still skeptical about it, pondering if it's one of those phone scam, even after they sent me an email with the prize collection details.

Alas, it's proven to be true, and I've collected the ticket on Wednesday. It's by far the biggest prize I've gotten from a lucky draw! Yay!

Unfortunately, the ticket's non-transferable so I have to make the trip myself and can't simply get Poppy to just tag along my October trip. And so apart from the short trips to Malaysia, I'll be in Cambodia, then Korea TWICE this year.

Was contemplating on giving up the prize since I'm already going to Korea in October, and after two 8D trips in the year, my purse is down with a big hole. Then Poppy dissuaded me, and says he'll go with me this time. LOL. After persuading for SO long to go with me in October, he refused, and now... IT'S FATE!

But since Poppy doesn't have much leave available to go for too long a trip, so we're making it a 8days stay, coinciding with his birthday in August. Heh. It's my third long trip this year, so I'm hoping to skim the luxuries for this one and do the planning myself instead of joining a tour.

Planning in progress right now. Excited!

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