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March 07, 2011


Back at work since Sunday.
Surfing the TripAdvisor website and looking at pictures of places I'll be visiting next month in Cambodia. And boy am I motivated!

The first place we'll be landing in is Siem Reap.
Angkor Wat, Angkor Wat... need I say more?

Angkor Wat at dusk

Tony Leung's favorite spot on In the Mood for Love
(If u don't already know, I'm a sucker for Wong Kar Wai's films!)

After checking with my Cambodian colleague, it's gonna be the Khmer New Year, so there'll be lots of opportunities for great photos throughout the 3 days of celebration. Yay, for the boys.

We'll be putting up at Siem Reap Garden Inn, a family-run B&B, for the 4 nights in Siem Reap. Going for US$15 per room per night - which works out to less than S$40 per person for 4 nights. It's a steal! Of course, the reviews are pretty good.

Then off to Phnom Penh, where we all agreed to spend a little more for a better accommodation after the back-breaking days of hiking up and down the Angkor Wat. Boutique hotels have sprung up rapidly over the past years, there's plenty of choices for ur buck. Pity though, The 252, one that Rae recommended is already sold out. Then I hunted for others with a private plunge pool and/or jacuzzi as my objective. Heh.

And here it is, the Blue Lime "Standard Twin Room" for Tian Yong/LiHan and the "Private Pool Room" for ourselves. Yummy.

View of the private plunge pool from the bedroom

View of bedroom from the private pool

But before that, we are going on a trip back to Malaysia, with Dad and Bro, for tomb-sweeping. Bro and Poppy's first visit to 爷爷 & 奶奶's tombs, and a second for me after many many years. Not sure if Ah-Gong will be back home by then, if so, we can visit him too. And when we return, as the new member of the family, I will probably join Poppy and his family to visit his 爷爷's tomb.

Also, Luis will be in town for a day, during his transit from Japan back to Sydney, so we've arranged to catch up after my JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge at the Esplanade with my colleagues. Hopefully, I can "psycho" him to help me buy some of the Shiroi Koibito cookies, which Jasmine bought during her recent trip to Tokyo. They're delicious!

Then again, in May, I've got the Adidas Sundown Marathon with Poppy and a couple of other friends. Let's get healthy!

I can wait, I can wait... No, I can't wait!

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