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June 08, 2008

Just this week...

i've been tied up at work since the week started on Sunday.
so here's a brief summary of events over the past week before they slip my mind.

sinus + menses cramp = disturbed sleep

the night before, Mommy says if i can take a day off work if i don't feel well.
decided to go anyway, so turned in early that night.
but ended up waking up at 4am in the morning feeling terrible so i called in to take MC.

rested in for the morning, before NeuNeu drove us up to Sim Lim to do some research for his assignment. i conveniently tagged along and bought a PINK Fujifilm digital compact camera while we were there.

had our lunches at the renowned Old Airport Road market before picking up the new furniture for my room at Ikea.

had a couple of appointments at Tanjong Pagar and Paya Lebar,
then NeuNeu came by to pick me up and send me to Ikea to buy a couple more items for my shelves, after which we headed home to fix up my furniture.

after dinner, the entire family set out for Changi Airport to see my pesky brother off - his second trip to Aussie in less than 2 years with the army.

this time the lucky bugger's off to Darwin for a month.

just before sending my folks home,
we toured the T3 a little since my dad hasn't been there yet.

Mommy and I were craving to try MacDonald's Green Tea McFlurry,

but we didn't spot any outlets on our way out =(

after Mom and Dad alighted at our void deck, we headed off to meet Charles, Liz and Wei at Taman Jurong.
still wasn't feeling very well then, so the singing wasn't as enjoyable.
but 'twas great to catch up with all of them.

NeuNeu had to pick up the Sentosa entry passes from his colleague so we dropped by his base for a little before heading home for a well-deserved rest.

the usual sinus problem woke me up by 9am.
so while NeuNeu continued to rest after a late night restoring his PC, i fixed up some of the essential applications like anti-virus software, Adobe PDF reader and flash player etc.

had lunch over at Choa Chu Kang before popping by Wei's shop to trade-in De Feng's phone.
later on, NeuNeu sent me home then headed off to work.

was supposed to have collected my Cholesterol test results at the polyclinic but we were running late, so i'll have to wait a couple more days for the next rest period.

started the day early, despite staying up late to pack my room and chat a little with Hoochie on the phone the night before.

it was JB day with Neu, Mommy, Aunt and cousins.
was raining heavily that morning, so we took a cab over to Teck Whye to pick up my Aunt-in-law, cousins and some stuff before NeuNeu came over to ferry us when he knocked off.

lunched at the yummy Prawn Noodle & Char Kway Teow shop near my Aunt's before we visited her place.

NeuNeu took a quick nap in the room, and i dozed off in the living room while having a little chit chat while. woke up just before 4pm and made our way to the supermarket nearby.
dwelled around a little and returned to Aunt's home so the kids could wash up and await for my Uncle's return before leaving for dinner.

what's the joke again?

the usual seafood feast for dinner.
apart from the usual Sambal Kang Kong, Stir Fried "LaLa", Emperor Chicken, Sweet and Sour Stingray platter, we also tried the Stir Fried Crab with Salted Egg.

for those who can't take spices well, this is highly recommended.
the shell of the crabs were coated with a nice layer of salted egg. extremely pleasing to the palate.

Neu, Mommy and I loved the crabs.
we are definitely returning here to have another round of seafood.

after dinner, 'twas time to head back to Singapore. but Mommy and Aunt are staying for the night, we ferried my Aunt-in-law and her 2 kiddos back.

as NeuNeu had arranged to meet up with Alex and Penelope at Fajar, i asked Qing to come by instead of meeting at Bt Panjang Plaza.
got his help to bring back the Almond Tea from his trip to Taipei. yippee.

we hung out a little at MacDonald's with Alex and Penelope.
and i finally got to try the new flavor of McFlurry, but had a little trouble finishing due to the heavy dinner i had earlier.

anyways, i can't wait to watch KungFu Panda!
let's hope it'll be some time soon...

till then!

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