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June 22, 2008

Week Update


a load off my back after i finally tendered my resignation to my boss at work today.
knocked off and reached home around 8:30pm.
i casually remarked that i feel like going for a jog.
Mommy spontaneously offered to accompany me!

we geared up and hit the track.
and after three rounds, we returned to wash up and take dinner.

then Aly called and we arranged for an impromptu supper at Pasir Ris.
took a cab over then had a two-hour binge-and-chat session.
left after going over to pass SY his 愛心 supper.


signed the contract at my new company in the morning.
the job will start on 04-Aug-08 at 9:00am
(although my working hours are supposed to be from 8:30am),
and the last day with my current company will be in mid-July.

afterwards, i went for my ENT appointment at Changi General Hospital in the afternoon and am put on two months' medication before returning for another check end of next month.

we headed off to JB later in the afternoon.
checked out the prices a island-resort getaway. but since it was too much of an "exotic" getaway, we only managed to get coach prices which weren't cheap at all!

just to digress a little to talk about our trip.

NeuNeu and i have been contemplating between two destinations for a 3D2N or 4D3N short trip. after checking and comparing prices, we decided to go for a 2nd trip to Bangkok and keep the island-resort as a reserve for future trips.
and since we're really frequent visitors to Bangkok, there really isn't much planning required so we can happily put that at the back of our minds after making reservations for the flight and accommodation.

back to the post...
we were famished by the time the price-checking ended, so we decided to head to Neway KTV for some singing and buffet session.
we had 4 hours of relaxing fun at the price of RM 42+++.

we arrived home and turned in around midnight.


we were awakened by Glenneth and Auntie's conversation in the morning
(or was it noon?), but only climbed out of bed an hour or two later.

packed our stuff and left for IMM.

bought some sponge for Mommy from Daiso and had our late lunches.
called Ah Po before we going over to deliver some stuff we bought for her and found out that they're already having a gathering over there!

Auntie, Glenneth, Godmum and her kids, Shirley and Sharmaine were already there when we arrived. not forgetting Gong Gong, Ah Po and Uncle who returned home later in the evening.

sat around a little,
and the glutton had his second (AND THIRD) servings of lunch/dinner over there.
he should've been born in the year of the PIG seriously.

we had a snappy session with Sharmaine.
she was bubbling with joy the whole time.

the gathering ended around 9:00pm,
after which we headed back to my place after sending everyone home.

made my dose of almond tea and headed off to bed shortly after.


ah yes, yesterday. the last portion of today's post.

i woke up before NeuNeu, tucked in to the congee Mommy bought for me and flipped through the papers.
after his turn at the breakfast table and papers, we set off for Ikea, Courts and Giant.
i am seriously getting pretty sick of that place after continuously dropping by since a few weeks back when i had to get my room done up.
the only thing that i still want to do there is to have breakfast with Aly.

we didn't take long to finish up whatever business we had there and moved over to Tampines Sports Hall to book a court for our badminton crave.
got home to prepare our gear then returned for a hour-long session.

alright, i 'fess up. since nobody came to stop us when the time was up, we stuck around and played a little longer than we were supposed to.
we're cheater-bugs.

afterwards, we dropped by the Pasar Malam across the street, got ourselves a snack each then headed home to wash up and have dinner.
NeuNeu left for work after the meal and i spent the rest of the night uploading some pictures taken during the week.

and so, before i head for my mid-day after-medication and before-night-shift nap, the links to the pictures here:

2008.06.12 - Wei's Birthday

2008.06.20 - Gathering

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, saw your post on flowerpod on bangkok trip. I wanna book a trip to bkk during 24 july - 27 july with my girlfriends as well. Have some doubts so wonder if it is okay to ask you. (can't seem to pm u in flowerpod)