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June 18, 2008


as many of u would've already knew, i've sponsored Seyha, a child from Cambodia, not too long ago.
well, u don't have to be a wealthy richie-rich, come from a well-to-do family, or hold a high-paying, high-ranking job to be a sponsor.
it costs is as low as USD 35 a month or USD 50 for a one-time donation to help improve another's life significantly.

in response to some of the inquiries i've received recently, here's a post which may shed more light to all.

i hope these can answer some of the questions u have in mind. however, should u require more help, u can always refer to their website, contact the helpful folks on their hotline or drop me a line!

not forgetting the option that allows u to sign up for their e-mail Newsletter through their webbie as well.

so here are various programs available for both short and long-term. u can choose from their international website which is here or the local website over here.

apart from the basic Child Sponsorship, the local website also provides information on other programs such as HopeChild Sponsorship, Children In Crisis, Emergency Relief, Love Loaf and Gifts in Kind whilst the international site offers more greater variety of extensive programs for interested parties, which can be found in the links below:

Child Sponsorship

Basic Needs

Emergency Aid

for other forms of donation, u can refer to...
Gift Catalog

don't forget to update and share ur joy with me if u've taken up the wonderful decision to be part of the great movement irregardless of which organization u chose.

There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life -
happiness, freedom and peace of mind -
are always attained by giving
them to someone else.

Peyton Conway March

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