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January 16, 2009

Sluggishly Sluggish

have been feeling sluggish the entire week.
haven't collected my blood test results, and i skipped the sinus checkup at CGH as well.
no mooseum either.

hoochie's right. i AM ms. procrastinator.

did some spring cleaning at mr ma's (haven't cleaned my own room though),
slacked at home, did up my financial worksheets, sorted out the sprees,
... and watched Igor.

anyways my back and neck pains were killing me, 
so i went for a session at the TCM's last week.
accupuncture, cupping and accupressure.
feeling much better now 
'cept for the pinch on my pocket.

also, following ms. wong's entry on her wanted list, i've sorted out mine in 2 categories...

1) IPL (approx. SGD3000)
2) Teeth whitening (approx. SGD500)
3) Complete Health check (approx. SGD500)

Dreams are for free
1) 1 unit at The Rochester condo
2) 4 kitties (i've even gone to the extent of comin' up with their names!)
3) 2 nights of luxury at The Racha, Phuket
4) 2 nights of nakedness at The Naked Retreat, Hangzhou

... and since dreams are free, i'll add in that i wish for a direct bus from my house to office

i wanted to blog about so much more but a short chat with the girls got all my thoughts wiped out clean.
i'm brainwashed!

and so, i present to u the LOLSpeak dikshunary


Miss L. said...

*Whistles while scrubbing Cat's right frontal lobe*

Cª+he®iNe said...

damage to right frontal lobe causes pseudopsychopathic!