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January 01, 2009

A Happy New Year

u would have been bombarded by tons of greetings and well-wishes by now.
and for the XXXth time, Happy New Year!

on the last day of 2008, we had..
KTV with Charles, Shan was sick and Sel was supposed to join but she wasn't quite done with her hair right until our session ended. then we were off to Jurong Point 2 for a little walk-a-shop, then back to Bukit Batok for dinner (ended up packing it back coz i had a bad tummy ache).

spent the last moments of the previous year enjoying some wine (the ones we brought back from Dalat, Vietnam) in front of the computer whilst chatting with Sel & Boon
 and watching the TeeWee with NeuNeu.

he fell sick last night, and i thought he was pretending
he coughed and tossed and turned and burnt in his layers of blanket, and i really didn't catch enough sleep to come to work today, but here i am anyway.

went fishing with NeuNeu after my horrid OT session on Sunday. 
half of Bedok Jetty has been cordoned off, so it was extremely crowded and we got tangled to the neighbor's line. kua kua.
we decided to give it a pass after 3 hours and had our supper at Simpang bedok.
by the time we were home, 'twas already waaaaayy past midnight.

as such, i slept through my Monday morning, woke up for lunch and went back to sleep again.. missed dinner at Waraku's with the girls. SORRY!

anyways, i've received my Transdesigns orders from the girls during our Tuesday lunch date ('cept for my liquid-paper-pen Nail Art), and i've already painted them on. 
Catherine the Grape, yummy.

2 more sprees closing today.
taking in last orders for F21 & VS till noon.
drugstore still open till tomorrow noon.

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