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January 25, 2009

Happy Mew Year!

having a short break after the reunion steamboat + hotplate dinner.
just exchanged greetings over the phone and msn with my buddies, chickies, colleagues.

the cranky weather really got me.
i started falling sick last night, my last shift of the year.

and so, Louis says "水"是財 (literally Water is Wealth),
therefore "鼻水"也是財 (literally Nose water aka Mucus is also Wealth).

anyways, collected my cholesterol and blood sugar results.
major improvement for the cholesterol while my blood sugar remains at a good level.

waiting for the Lo-Hei when NeuNeu comes over later, 
followed by mahjong to kickstart the Lunar Ox year.

full day of visiting with his family tomorrow,
then i'm meeting the girls at Boon's place in the evening.
we had a pre-CNY, a CNY, and will be having the post-CNY.
... like Sel says, it's another excuse to feast, party and gossip!

i better go catch some rest now.
Nick says it's not auspicious to sleep before midnight, so i'll go steal a nap first.



Miss L. said...

Happy Mew Year, Cat! (bigwetkiss)

Ninoona said...

Where are u?!?!?! haven't group chat with for soooooo long!!!! how can u do that to us!

Cª+he®iNe said...

Busy with CNY visiting & gathering!

Will be back to work & chat on Monday. My ox-piscious day to start work.


u didn't appear for our CNY mayhem.
how can u do that to us!