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January 02, 2009

... update again

had a new year dinner with the girls at Ikea last night after work.
3 servings of salmon & a plate of meatballs to go around. yumm!

miss frankie-eyes-stein & miss eat-a-lot.
ooh, new nicknames.

i spent 4 hours to pack my wardrobe on the eve of the eve of New Year i.e. 30th Dec


pictures depict the epic proportion of the headache i had. 
clothes everywhere... in the wardrobe AND on the bed / floor.

okays. back to the boringness of working.
everyone's falling sick.
my throat's been on the verge of getting sore for the past few days.

a good rest is in order.


L. said...

How come there's no pic of the meetballs!

Cª+he®iNe said...

picture of meetbawlz posted!