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April 07, 2009

Announcement: The Date's Set!

we got our auspicious dates from the geomancer on Monday,
and without delay, fixed an appointment with the restaurant of our choice...

had a long day today, shuttling between the bank - home - HDB - home - restaurant - home.
and alas, we've made reservations our banquet to be held at Joy Garden Restaurant (part of the Qianxi group) in the soon-to-open Safra Jurong

so dear friends, please mark ur calendars for our big day: 

27 June 2010

despite the mad rush and confusion at HDB this afternoon, 
finally, it's another load off my overloaded brain.
i now have lotsa free memory to process information on Guangzhou - Zhuhai -Macau!!

for now, i shall get back to packing my bags first.
my flight's around 4PM tomorrow afternoon, and yea, i know, it's like super last minute.

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