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April 04, 2009

Mommy & Baby Boon: 加油!

just received Mama's SMS...

Elo all doctors, 
i dunno wat's your process flow, so i sms all of u, my water bag burst le, now induce n maybe will take 8-10 hours then baby will come out. 
I'll inform u all again when baby come out, couldn't b midnight, i dun care! U can't sleep, u all also can't sleep!! Wuahahaha.. I can't use hp liao.. 

Bye love love muack muack.. :)

yes, we are her doctors (self-acclaimed) and we've come up with a process flow for her when baby is going to poot out!

when tummy aches...
1) Call Dr Kok, so that she can prepare to send Boon to hospital
- Try calling cab, otherwise activate Dr Kok
- If cannot reach Dr Kok, activate Dr Ong
2) Once on cab - SMS all the doctors
3) When delivered - SMS all the doctors again

simple right!
we are so smart *smirks*

can't wait for Baby Boon's arrival!


Miss L. said...

Popped out already, yay!
She's a sweetsie.

Cª+he®iNe said...

i agree!
sweetie pop, yummo.