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December 02, 2010

Week 48

27.11.10 Saturday
Work as usual. Met Alex & Mich after work, fetched Kenn & Lynn and headed off to JB. Had Bah Kut Teh at a random shop because 2 of our favorites were both closed. Drove back to Taman Sentosa after dinner for a car wash, then supper of Lok-Lok and Ice-Jelly. Noms. We ate SOOO much within the span of a few hours.
'twas almost 2am by the time we sent Kenn & Lynn back, and got home ourselves.

28.11.10 Sunday
Supposed to get up early for our jog, but we were too tired from the late night before. We did manage to grab ourselves brekkie at MacDonald's though. Then we drove over to 舅舅's place to visit Popo & Gong Gong. Stayed there through to the evening, sent them home and headed home for our evening jog.

Alex called up and asked if we wanted to meet for dinner. So off we went to Causeway Point for Ichiban Sushi. Still the same long queue even at the other end of the island. They ran out of the custard roll, so we had dessert at Swensen's instead. Ate super full (AGAIN).
All that run gone to waste. Tsk Tsk.
Home, wash-up and Zzz.

Monday & Tuesday was just work, work and work. Our new shoe cabinet has arrived and we don't have to stack our footwear like a mountain beneath the window anymore. And my Forever21 shipment is also delivered. Yippee X 2!

01.12.10 Wednesday
Wednesday was my sleep day. Slept till noon, woke up for some cereals and a variety show, then back to sleep again till 6pm, when Bro knocked on my door. He brought me many Ben & Jerry's vouchers. Yay.
Poppy came home slightly after 6pm then it was dinner time!
Had Salted Egg Pork Ribs again at Foodpark in Sunset. Friendly to our taste-buds and pockets. We like!

Sent Bro back to hall, headed home to wash up, then Poppy said to meet Mingkai at Botak Jones downstairs.
Random chit-chat over a drink. And I finally realize who was Poppy's Ping-Pong kaki. It's so out of this world, I thought only my dad plays Ping-Pong. LOL.

Anyhoos, decided we'll meet again this evening for LiHan's belated birthday dinner.
Then there's the company D&D at Klapsons tomorrow evening.

So sleepsie. 1 off-day is barely enough for me to sleep. Wish I don't have to work tomorrow.
Oh well...

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