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September 18, 2006


had a long n busy day since 7am yesterday morning

was in JB with 三姨, 三姨丈 n regina

we had our usual rounds of scrumptious foodie,
had our fortunes told at a local shrine,
n did grocery shopping

lots of yummy meals,
dim sum @ 10am
bitter gourd spread @ 2pm
seafood dinner, Changi @ 7pm

on top of that i just had noodles for supper (with compliments from Ds) @ 3am!


well, back to the topic,
in total i only spent MYR 80,
mainly on tidbits, contact lens n some DVDs

was hoping to drop by City Square to get my monthly dose of Milk magazines,
but well, guess i wasn't in luck coz they wanted to avoid the traffic jam at the causeway,
will probably pop by again next Sunday when Ds goes for his client's birthday celebration.

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