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September 02, 2006


well, what's new?
Dbl 45 ..again..


it kenneth's birthday, and we have lots of people around.
the usual suspects - ping, andrew, mund, ds, myself plus ganni, tonghao, weicong

we crapped the night away, with Ganni still brooding over one strand out of his entire plate of $4 hong kong mee which he vomitted after excessive drinking.
did i say excessive.. then again maybe not..

after Tonghao let us alight opposite the library,

they continued the session at Ds' place.
more beer & chivas!

drink, drink, drink.

eew.. sick!

ganni indulging in his MTV dreamz.
well all i can say.. dream on!

another photo to add to my primary school classmate album.
gosh! my face looks so round..

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