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September 23, 2006


the fever's subsided a little, finally

thanks to the "cooling" desserts made by my mom
and the fever patch with compliments from my bro

had a difficult time falling asleep,
though the aircon was on,
it was still terribly warm

face it, i am HOT
.. at least literally..

was telling Momo that i used to have fever of close to 42 degrees,
and that probably fried my brain,
which she insisted i didn't have much to start with


have got a volunteer event this afternoon at Aljunied
am still contemplating if i should.. or rather.. could go
what if i pass my flu n fever to the old folks?

i suppose i would go,
but if i don't feel well enough i'd request to leave early..

deli called me early this morning wanting to meet for breakfast,
had turned him down coz i barely slept for 2 hours,
though i did have the craving for a chicken bun since last night's SMS conversation with Momo


here's the answer..

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