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September 10, 2006

just ended our primary school gathering

think it's been a pretty fruitful year for catching up
we have met up quite a few times for primary school alone

but have yet to catch up with my KTV khakis from secondary school
due to unforeseen, as well as predicted, circumstances


ya right.

well, back to the topic
we had dinner at Waraku in marina square
and bummed around till we decided on playing pool

shortly after jeremy arrived
we decided to head back to Tampines for coffee
poor jeremy kept complaining that we cheated him


so the 5 of us (kexin, yiqiang, wenzheng, minxun n myself)
headed back to Tampines
Ying & Daosong joined us later on

let's not mention about the B3 joke ya.

next gathering venue:

Gongshang Primary School basketball court - Potluck

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