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November 06, 2006

拜拜 @ 四馬路

went for prayers @ bugis yesterday afternoon.

swarming with worshippers coz it's 15th of the lunar calendar.

there's this ah pek who got so pissed when he was pushed, he started yelling profanities in Teochew saying something like:

"Push me for what? No patience to wait for 5 minutes, don't pray la. Push, push, push."

i was stumped for a moment coz he was standing just beside me n i thought i was the one who butt into him. anyway it was so packed that i could hardly move an inch, no doubt there were really some inconsiderate ones shoving others from behind.

heng arh,
it's not me lor.

for a moment Will n i just stared at each other trying to hold mixed feelings of bewilderment n hilarity.

went searching for snacks after sauntering through OG for the sake of the air-conditioning.

we then browsed through some stalls within Bugis Village before heading back to Bugis Junction for dinner.
so many things to buy.
but no money.


yes yes

more photos during n after dinner be uploaded later..

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