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November 10, 2006


it's been long since i blogged

been busy with interviews, gatherings etc..


first n foremost,
congrats to YongHao on his ROM

the rest of the gang headed out to Loyang for KTV after watching & unnecessary commentating for some pool tournament in Manilla on ESPN

Bustamante (PHI) was the "crowd favorite" indeed

TongHao, ZhiHao & Drew

- as quoted by TongHao

.. Eeerr ..

TongHao, ZhiHao, Ganni, WeiCong

.. AHS brudders ..


2 rounds of interview @ Taka,
then it's over to bugis for prayers on 觀音誕,
then strolled through Bugis Village
check out the cute shoes..
i know Momo will love it too!

nope, no purchases made
coz Ms Leong is broke

yes, that's me

we caught Flushed Away @ Century Square

did i mentioned Maa kept stuffing me with food the entire day?

sushi, donuts, tori Q, taiwanese sausage, yong tau foo, chicken chop, chips n donuts again!

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