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November 27, 2006

mad rush

snacked on junk food at Tampines Mall basement after work. fried mushroom, fried chicken, Tori Q. muahaha. caught Happy Feet @ Tampines GV. show stopped after like 15minutes due to some technical error, waited for another 15minutes for the show to resume, but it never did. fatal error. darn. at 12am, we had no choice n went back to watch Thank You For Smoking on computer over a bottle of Wincarnis instead. not the type of wine for my palette but the show was not bad at all.

a debate about comparisons ended with no conclusion, as usual. the fight left me with scratched skin of my right wrist. grrr.

pre-employment checkup @ Raffles Hospital. yeah, we were late for the appointment coz we stayed up for the movie. then jalan-ed in Bugis a little after prayers n headed back to Tampines to catch Happy Feet again with our refunded tickets (yay! no more technical problems!), then had a brief appointment n finally some rest. Ping n Drew were over at Safra for billard so dinner was delayed till 9pm. thanx hor.
anyway dinner at coffeeshop was good, though apparently i'm the only one enjoying the near-meatless meal.

slacked abit at Ds' place whilst Drew did some stuff online. then we decided it's Dbl45 time over smoke break so that Drew didn't have to waste his trip back. it was back to LaLaLand after leaving at 3am.

barely sufficient sleep n i was off to JB with Maa. brunch was good. peanut butter toast with ice-cream n sunflower seeds. i love the SnowCat, which i believe is ice-blended soursop (yup, i had no idea what i was drinking, just ordered it coz it looked so cute.. pix to be uploaded soon..) then shopping, shopping, shopping! 2 pairs of shoes n 2 tops for me coz we were a little short for time. so we'll continue the REVENGE on 20th January, as planned. rushed off to Neway for KTV.. yeah, again.. that place is good, lots of new songs never seen in Singapore. u guys have gotta go soon.. with me, of coz.. don't always leave me out of ur plans hor!

headed of to Ds' place to meet up with the rest for the long-awaited match between Man U & Chelsea. quick dinner, with compliments from auntie n dozed off for awhile during the match due to my sore eye. ok la, i admit i'm plain tired n the couch was comfy..
anyways the match came to an end with a final score of 1-1. too bad u weren't around Ping, if not we would've celebrated at Dbl45 coz we needn't fight it out.

oh well, so much so for my short weekend.
hopefully, will get to enjoy as much next weekend with all the guys before my shift work commences. don't fly aeroplane again ah, Ping!


i started my day off with a mug of my favorite milo-with-milk-powder, complimentary of my CableTV supplier, shelter provider, verbal abuse receiver..

oh yeah, my bro n mommy's returning tomorrow from Taiwan..
thanx to EVERYONE who took care of me in their absence!

have a great week ahead, everyone!

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