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November 05, 2006

Friday night out

had lotsa fun over the week but insufficient time to blog about it

usually i have too much time to blog but nothing to write


1pm: Started off with an interview @ Ayer Rajah

3pm: Followed by lunch at Holland V, though unfortunately the famous XO fish-head beehoon stall wasn't open. Saddened.

4pm: A short bus journey took us to Tanjong Pagar for a short session with one of the job agencies

5pm: Took MRT to Expo for my last interview of the day @ Changi
( lasted quite awhile, so really gotta thank Will for his patience..)

7pm: Foodie @ 85!

9pm: Met up with my newfound friends @ Bugis Junction MOS burger

10pm: 6 hours of KTV @ Partyworld!
Wish Ping was here as well.. Coz we've been dying to go together for so long already.. We'll go together soon if we survive 24 November..

4am: Last event of the day @ Mac, Plaza Singapura
Chilled till they started spraying some sort of chemical on the plants. Being paranoid, i thought it was some terrorist attack on the Istana.

6am: Had company on my ride back to Tampines on the train
Never expected it.

I give u full marks for a long-lost penpal of 10 years!

more snapshots here

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