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November 06, 2006

slightly busy day

interview at 1pm,
followed by a session with the lawyer's at 2.30pm

a very sweet MMS lifted my spirits for the day,

then finally i had my first meal of the day at BK in Tanjong Pagar around 3.30pm

mushroom swiss double

can't even remember when's the last time i ate that.
gosh. two beef patties. i had to resort to my old trick of removing one side of the bun n eating only the "essence".

well well,
but here i am munching on the muffins Ds got for me just after dinner

expanding the allocated space in my tummy for the buffet session as promised!

to Ping:
i will really box u if u msg me chelsea will lose again in the morning.. or afternoon.. or at night.. or anytime..


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