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January 30, 2011

Week 3 Part II

23.01.11 Sunday
Today's reserved for Gong Gong. He "chope" us 2 weeks ago. We fetched him from Wilson's place, then met up with Wilson and Phoebe at Boon Lay Market for breakfast, then sent him to Bukit Panjang Khek Community Guild for their annual new year gathering. Afterwards, we sent him to Nanyang Loh Clan Association. The members were mostly old folks averaging 60 years old, at least. After everything, we drove Gong Gong to Chinatown. Passed by Lim Chee Guan, saw a snaking long queue, and decided to pop by their supplier Kim Joo Guan to try our luck. Unfortunately, Lady Luck wasn't on our side that day, so we dismissed the whole idea and went jalan-jalan followed by dinner with Gong Gong.

Caught a short nap back at home, after sending Gong Gong to Uncle's house. Then prepared and set off for Amara Hotel for Triston's wedding.

22.01.11 Saturday
Stayed home for most parts of the day. Woke up near noon, had our brunch at the Tim Sum shop downstairs, and visited the aquariums as well. Rather humdrum day, continued our spring cleaning and fetched Custard home in the evening. She's been prescribed 3 types of medicine, and her first injection will commence on Tuesday.

After feeding her, and putting her to bed, we headed off to Chinatown for the new year market. Got home past midnight and went straight to bed.

21.01.11 Friday
1st day of our leave and 3rd day of Custard's diarrhea + refusal to eat. Brought her to The Animal Clinic at Sunset as planned. It was the worst visit, ever. Don't be mistaken, the vet, Dr Liang, was great. She has loads of experience because she herself is the owner of 2 kitties.

During the consultation, we were told that Custard's likely to be 4 - 5 years old instead of 1 - 2 years old (but of course, it'd have been difficult for Mrs Wong to judge since Custard was brought home as a stray in the first place). So Dr Liang asked a few questions on Custard's progress since the last visit for her eye problem. That was ok. Then they proceeded to do a blood test for her, and we were told to go grab a coffee while we wait for the results (which will probably take 40 minutes or so).

Halfway through the meal, about 20 minutes later, the clinic called and told us the vet wants to speak to us. Not good. I sense something amiss, and quickly headed back. Custard's blood test showed that she is down with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and CRF (Chronic Renal Failure). Although the FIV is relatively harmless at the moment and is unlikely to pose any immediate harm, the CRF, however, was more dangerous. Custard had to be hospitalized immediately for 2 days and be put on medication and drip.

When she broke the news to me, I couldn't hold in the tears no matter how hard I tried.
I guess it was just too sudden, considering the fact that she's been with us for a year, there was a lot of negativity in my mind about whether I've done my duty as an owner to care for her.

Dr Liang gave us more insight about the conditions, symptoms and advise us the injection of subcutaneous fluids have to be done twice to thrice a week, and a review to be fortnightly.
And we soon came to realize, she had the symptoms the Dr described before she came to our household. That did relief my negative thoughts a little, then Poppy did the administrative stuff after Dr Liang explained to us the process post-hospitalization care and we bade Custard goodbye as she's being prepared for her 2-day stay.

Totally moodless, but I couldn't cancel my spa visit, so Poppy drove me over.
While I was doing the IPL and mask, Poppy was super sweet to read up on FIV on the web and shared the stuff with me when I came out. I'm really glad he was with me because I felt so down the whole day.

Stayed home for the rest of the afternoon. Poppy offered to clear his wardrobe, because he knows it'd make me happy. He cleared out everything from the wardrobe, but I ended up helping him fold most of the clothes and packing them back into the closet anyway. What a bum-bum. We sorted out and packed aside 3 paper bags' worth of unwanted/unused clothes. 1 bag to be discarded due to old age/discoloration etc, the other 2 to be sent to Godmum's place for Ah Boy to see if there's anything he fancies. Brought along my bag of clothes for them too.

Dropped the bags of clothes at Godma's then set off to Sembawang 白米粉 for din-din. Headed over to Chong Pang to buy our favorite Ochado and browsed at the new year market a bit before sending everyone home.

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