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January 03, 2011

Birthday Trip '11

And so, there's something to look forward to in 2011 already!
My annual birthday trip =)

Past trips include: 2007 - Trip back to Gramps' with family; 2008 - Brought Mommy & Bro to Bangkok with Poppy; 2009 - Guangzhou, Macau & Zhuhai trip with Poppy, Vincent & Qingli (and, that was where he proposed. hee.)

This year, Poppy has finally decided that we shall go to Cambodia. Like FINALLY.
Had wanted to go there last year, but wedding preparations held back most of the trips, including my birthday trip.

Since my trip to Yogyakarta in 2008 with Hoochie, I've been lemming to go for a nice photography trip with Poppy. Indochina's my personal favorite, apart from India (which Poppy has yet to come to terms with). Although we've been to Vietnam, Thailand and the Riau Island (countless times, I must add) over the past few years, I've never actually brought my cam equipment because... I was more keen in shopping. Oops, hah.

Simply surfing over the internet and looking at pictures of the countless boutique hotels in Phnom Penh makes me want to fly there right this instance! Here's a few for your viewing pleasure...

The Japanese Suite from The Villa Paradiso

Pretty cabanas by the pool from Blue Lime

Can't wait to take this opportunity to explore and play with the cammie I got for him during X'mas. The cammie's still naked now (with no bag or carrying case), so I'm still pondering over which camera bag I should buy for the baby. Something comfy for carrying throughout the day and yet trusty (best if waterproof).

So far, I've got two in mind, both from Crumpler
(I personally prefer Lowepro but I think Poppy would like something that doesn't look as dull)

Hilarious names they have for their line of products, don't you think?

Am I impatient or what?
I can't wait for April to be here seriously!

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